Security Engineering on AWS with Jam (E)

Security is a concern for both customers in the cloud, and those considering cloud adoption. An increase in cyberattacks and data leaks remains top of mind for most industry personnel. The Security Engineering on AWS course addresses these concerns by helping you better understand how to interact and build with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a secure way. In this course, you will learn about managing identities and roles, managing and provisioning accounts, and monitoring API activity for anomalies. You will also learn about how to protect data stored on AWS. The course explores how you can generate, collect, and monitor logs to help identify security incidents. Finally, you will review detecting and investigating security incidents with AWS services. The AWS Jam offers an immersive experience with various gameplay elements such as collaboration, competition, real-time scoring, and relevant in-scenario hints. Participants form teams and compete in friendly competition to improve their AWS cloud skills and climb to the top of the leaderboard by solving a series of real-world challenges. The aim is to transform theoretical knowledge acquired during the previous course into practical applied knowledge and hands-on experience, and to do this in a safe environment.

Was werden Sie in diesem Training erlernen?

In this course, you will learn to:• State an understanding of AWS cloud security based on the CIA triad.• Create and analyze authentication and authorizations with IAM.• Manage and provision accounts on AWS with appropriate AWS services.• Identify how to manage secrets using AWS services.• Monitor sensitive information and protect data via encryption and access controls.• Identify AWS services that address attacks from external sources.• Monitor, generate, and collect logs.• Identify indicators of security incidents.• Identify how to investigate threats and mitigate using AWS services.The final day is an AWS Jam, a gamified event, with teams competing to score points by completing aseries of challenges according to established best practices based on concepts covered in the course. Youget to experience a wide range of AWS services in a series of real-world scenarios that represent commonoperational and troubleshooting tasks. The end result is developing, enhancing, and validating yourskillsets in the AWS Cloud through real-world problem solving, exploring new services, features, andunderstanding how they interoperate.


  • Einführung in die Cloud-Sicherheit
    • Cloud-fähige Governance und Compliance
      • Identity and Access Management
        • Lab1: Verwenden von AWS-IAM
      • Sichern von AWS Infrastructure Services – Teil 1
        • Lab 2: Erstellen einer virtuellen privaten Cloud
      • Sichern von AWS Infrastructure Services – Teil 2
        • Sichern von AWS Container Services – Teil 1
          • Sichern von AWS Container Services – Teil 2
            • Lab 3: Verwenden von RDS-Sicherheitsgruppen
          • Sicherung abstrahierter AWS Services
            • Lab 4: Sicherung von Amazon S3-Buckets
          • Verwenden von AWS Security Services – Teil 1
            • Lab 5: Erfassen von Protokollen
          • Verwenden von AWS Security-Produkten – Teil 2
            • Lab 6: Verwenden von AWS Config
            • Lab 7: Verwenden des AWS Service Catalogs
          • Datenschutz in der AWS-Cloud
            • Erstellen von Compliant-Workloads in AWS – Fallstudien
              • Verwaltung von Sicherheitsvorfällen in der Cloud
                • AWS Jam
                  • Lösen Sie gemeinsam als Team reale Herausforderungen in einer sicheren AWS-Umgebung unter Anleitung Ihres Dozenten.
                  • Treten Sie gegen andere Teams an, um die Herausforderung gemeinsam mit Ihren Kollegen zu gewinnen und Ihre AWS-Fähigkeiten in die Praxis umzusetzen.
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                Security Engineering on AWS with Jam (E)
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