ITIL 4 Foundation - English (ILFN4en)

These and many other interesting questions are clarified and answered in our ITIL 4 courses, where you will find that our trainers put a major emphasis on enhancing the theoretical knowledge with examples of practical application. This should allow you as a user of the method to have a better understanding of ITIL. The course includes the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, a certificate which not only proves your knowledge but becomes the basis for any future advanced trainings in that area. What is your benefit of booking an ITIL training with us? Our lead trainer was and is actively involved in the development of ITIL 4. Our lead trainer is Austria‘s first ITIL 4 Managing Professional. All our trainers don‘t just present the theory of ITIL, but invest the time and effort to show you with a lot of examples from real live how practical application of ITIL runs successfully. In our courses you will learn a lot more than just the official syllabus, especially content that is useful for practical application. Our participants have a 100% exam pass rate.

Was werden Sie in diesem Training erlernen?

ITIL 4 enables your organisation to use best practices around service management while implementing the latest concepts in IT and also answering crucial questions, like: How do we create value for the customer and for the IT? What is the role of IT and IT services in a business strategy? Which role should it be? How can we support our organisation on their way to digital transformation? How do I link - if I want to - service management with new methods of working like Lean, Agile, DevOps, etc.


  • The basics of service management
    • The four dimensions of service management
      • The ITIL Service Value System
        • The Guiding Principles
          • The Service Value Chain
            • ITIL Practices and their application in real live
              • Continual Improvement as a service provider
                • Komplette Agenda anzeigen
                  Agenda minimieren

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                ITIL 4 Foundation - English (ILFN4en)
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